Cinematografica Short Documentary Grant 2016-17

Cinematografica Short Documentary Grant 

Open to all currently enrolled Filipino students who are studying film, television, documentary or any AV-related production courses.

What is the Grant? 

Students are free to pick any topic for their short documentary, and explore any visual strategy suitable for their project.

1.Short Documentary (10 minutes to 25 minutes long)

2.Can be any topic (example: creative documentary, docu-drama, short-form documentary)

3.Student filmmakers that are chosen will be the writer/director of the documentary project and will be in-charge in organizing their own production team.

What are the aims of the Grant?

- create a collaborative and transparent work and study environment in which all production team members connect with each other and contribute as equals.
- apply and innovate social media throughout the entire documentary production process: i.e. research content ideas, identify possible participants, internal crew communication, engage audiences and stakeholders from development to marketing and distribution.
- build and engage with communities involving participants and stakeholders via a balanced real-virtual world network approach.
- consider how to project an authentic online personality for their project by exploring their projects personality
- analyze their production environment and discover the best possible real-virtual world collaborators for their project by conducting a Production Environment Online Sociality Assessment.
- consider an appropriate transmedia, multi-screen strategy for their idea.
- create an online space facilitating the curation of participant and community created content.

 How to apply?

Introduce yourself and your project here:

  1. Enter your details here:
  2. Once you have done the above, email your CV, a teacher’s reference letter and a detailed documentary treatment or other important documents to help your application as Adobe pdf files with proper filenames to

Deadline of Application: January 30, 2017.
We will then invite selected candidates to discuss their ideas via Skype between February 1 and 7, 2017. Please make sure you are available during that time. By February 15, 2017 we announce the names of the two students who will be awarded the Cinematografica documentary grant worth 500 euros each (or its Philippine equivalent).

Other Terms

- There will be a coach (Fritz Kohle and Arleen Cuevas) who will provide support and advice. Regular skype calls will take place during production to coach the student.

- The creator of the grant will act as  co-executive producers  of the project

- The final credits should include “Production Support is provided by Cinematografica Films”.
- Upon conclusion the short documentary will be submitted to various festivals.

- Copyright and revenues will be shared equally by the student and Cinematografica Films.

This is a Cinematografica Philippines-Netherlands Production Iniatiative.

For further questions: you can email

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